Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Year, New Things.

Money doesn't grow on trees, but these do...

Photo found by Thaddius James.

Well, this is from a vintage recipe book...wish I had seen this before the holidays.
You can find more vintage recipes here: Truly Upsetting Vintage Recipes

Recipe found by B. Anderson

I mean...
Photo taken by Eazy in Rayville, LA.


Ethan, age 8 (I think), draws the black hole, but calls it the back hole and then I think he just got confused...but totally nailed it! 

 Phelton's Kid.

Blake's homework. 
I think I should look into designing borders for children's homework assignments.

Photo by T$ Ssnagel

A page from the Failed Kid Art book my friend showed me.
Can't believe he got an F.

Pilgrim flashes another pilgrim. Other pilgrim runs into the forest. How Thanksgiving really went down.

Happy Thanksgiving Whiteboard Art by Paul, age 9 (in spirit).

Some Art projects I finished up in the past months:

Elliott commission.
One Rule. 

A Collab I did. 

Crayons and Sharpies on paper.

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year with many happy things to come. I leave you with this pic from one of my favorite Instagramers.

Peace and Love!!!