Sunday, April 28, 2013

To my Subscribers. By my Subscribers.

There will be no personal art this post, but I'm super stoked about posting everything I've received from my subscribers in the past month or so. Thank you all!!! Always happy to know there are people out there that view the world the same way I do...hehe...

I love everything about this photo...but I feel like I need to know what a bone dancer is, and can I get one with pocket change?

photo by T-Money Ssnagel


submitted by Big E

Logos gone bad? I dunno I'm kinda diggin these! Thanks Erica for finding these on the internet!! (and for sharing!!)

Mars Rover, Mars Rover, draw a penis and send it right over...
surely this was no accident.

link submitted by B Anderson

Sometimes, when formatting documents at work, I wonder...What are we training people to do exactly??!! 

aaaaaaand...My new fav Motel.

thanks Rabbit for suggesting I follow this guy on Instagram.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week filled with peace and Love.

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  1. haha these are hilarious! the dentistry logo is my fave! lol