Sunday, March 3, 2013

Inside Out: Art Extravaganza.

I suppose it's appropriate to post my Riding Hood progress first, so here it is. Haunted by the shadows I keep having to redo, but I'm feeling better about it...we shall see.

In other news...been more Soul Vomit going on. 
This first one is a collab done by me and my homegirl TahJah, aka Swirls, aka Swirly Fine, aka Sistah Swirls(nouveau Turk).
I don't know what she calls it, but I've titled it The Missing Dot.

 ...and this is how we roll...

...aaaaaand for some Solo Soul Vomit...3 pieces I did for the crib:




Last but NOT least...My favorite up-and-coming artist, Nicolas(age 7) who I love to blog about, starts 2013 with a Thrust!

Some of his latest works along with his artist's statement: 

Hope Everyone has a beautiful day today!! If you see anything BoneWorthy, hit me up. Haven't been getting out much lately as you can see...


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