Friday, November 25, 2011

Collab Experiment

Soooooo, I suggested that a co-worker and I do a collab art piece together to help him step out of his "box". After being overcome with anxiety and trying to get me to plan what we were going to paint we finally started a piece by establishing some basic rules (mostly to keep him out of his comfort zone).
1. no rulers (this i assume must be hard for someone who likes charts and straight lines)
2. no erasers (no such thing as a mistake)
3. no killing each other
Materials: Whatever won't make a mess at work.

So i'm documenting each step (except for step 2 because i forgot to take a picture before i started "messing up" his perfectly blended, perfect circle of yellow-ness. the blue is me, the yellow ball his my collab partner, magenta is me, and so on.

So far this thing is looking too colorful and weird for my taste, but there's no telling where it'll end up. i'm kinda excited to see what happens. i've never worked with such a calculated person before. i think it'll be good for us both!! hope ya'll enjoy it too!