Sunday, September 11, 2011

Turkey Part I: Ankara & Izmir

Thought I'd post some pics of some of my trip so far:
Best pita ever in Ankara. They served it on this long wooden thing across the table...I dunno it was awesome!
Then I took some pics of this store we went in that sells "dry goods". That includes basically anything from fruit to every kinda rice...and apparently soap. I was kinda overwhelmed and the pics really don't show how much stuff there was.
I thought the cigarette packs were different ... "smoking will kill you" is the message...accompanied by the infamous nasty lung pic.
Speaking of cigarettes, thought the ashtray at Starbucks was kinda neat...and no, the message on the cig packs hasn't affected the smokers at all from what I can tell.
Aaaaaand last but not least the view from the assisted living place in Izmir where I had to go see my grandma.
So far I haven't seen much really. Spent the first week traveling and visiting. Im at the beach now though. Hope to post beachy pics soon! Woot


  1. What are ashtrays?

  2. ssnagel, don't be a tard. but i think you're gonna like my part 3 post...maybe