Thursday, September 30, 2010

Save your Boobies!

Walking down the isles of my local grocery store when I saw this display of pink goodness...
and then realized... Why not support breast cancer AWAREness by feeding my body some artificial flavoring, artificial coloring (usually named after lakes that I don't think exist... i.e. yellow lake number 5 or some shit. where are these lakes??), and a list of ingredients as long as the back of my 6 pack of pink ribbon raspberry cheesecake snack pack that I can't pronounce, or begin to think of what plant or farm they could possibly come from, that are usually named something like CARBOXYMETHYLCELLULOSE.
And I happen to like run-on sentences. So laaaaaadies!!! Do yourself a favor and grab the nearest processed food, chow down and rest assured that "they" would never put an ingredient in your favorite food that would ever do harm to you...or your boobies!

speaking of boobies...

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