Friday, May 23, 2014

Oh Baton Rouge...

We built this city...

Baton Rouge representin'
Photo donated by M. Wiggity

Hope everyone has a wonderfully peaceful Memorial Day Weekend!! 

Monday, May 12, 2014

A day for Moms.

Hope all the moms out there had a wonderful Mother's Day. 
If I was a mom, I'd want a card just like this one!

Photo donated by T Ssnagel 

Have a great week!!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Year, New Things.

Money doesn't grow on trees, but these do...

Photo found by Thaddius James.

Well, this is from a vintage recipe book...wish I had seen this before the holidays.
You can find more vintage recipes here: Truly Upsetting Vintage Recipes

Recipe found by B. Anderson

I mean...
Photo taken by Eazy in Rayville, LA.


Ethan, age 8 (I think), draws the black hole, but calls it the back hole and then I think he just got confused...but totally nailed it! 

 Phelton's Kid.

Blake's homework. 
I think I should look into designing borders for children's homework assignments.

Photo by T$ Ssnagel

A page from the Failed Kid Art book my friend showed me.
Can't believe he got an F.

Pilgrim flashes another pilgrim. Other pilgrim runs into the forest. How Thanksgiving really went down.

Happy Thanksgiving Whiteboard Art by Paul, age 9 (in spirit).

Some Art projects I finished up in the past months:

Elliott commission.
One Rule. 

A Collab I did. 

Crayons and Sharpies on paper.

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year with many happy things to come. I leave you with this pic from one of my favorite Instagramers.

Peace and Love!!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Red is Dead and Rainbows are forever.

1. My world, my rules...

Red has been put to sleep to let all the other little ladies and gentlemen gallop from my head onto paper. I kind of miss her already but I'm not like heartbroken over it. 
Photo taken right before I put her away.

2. Kid Art. 

There is no mistaking the boys from the ladies here...this is where you do a stick figure crotch check.
Photo by T Money Ssnagel

just take a look... it's in a book... it's penis rainbow!
photo by Me

3.  Work, Walmart, on the Water and Whatever.

we once had an email go out about straying away from language used in written material that was too "sexual", where the word "rise" was considered offensive. I guess we just don't give a fuck.

this was at Walmart. that's all.
photo by Swirls

My favorite kinda emails end in...
"This is a recent out-of-focus iPhone shot of an oil rig from another oil rig. Thought about you."
photo: B. Anderson 

photo by Rob Rabbit

4.  I color now. 

My latest creation.

7"x10" Crayons, Sharpie on paper

I am in love with her.

I'm really excited about all of my upcoming art projects and can't wait to share them!
Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday coming up!


Sunday, April 28, 2013

To my Subscribers. By my Subscribers.

There will be no personal art this post, but I'm super stoked about posting everything I've received from my subscribers in the past month or so. Thank you all!!! Always happy to know there are people out there that view the world the same way I do...hehe...

I love everything about this photo...but I feel like I need to know what a bone dancer is, and can I get one with pocket change?

photo by T-Money Ssnagel


submitted by Big E

Logos gone bad? I dunno I'm kinda diggin these! Thanks Erica for finding these on the internet!! (and for sharing!!)

Mars Rover, Mars Rover, draw a penis and send it right over...
surely this was no accident.

link submitted by B Anderson

Sometimes, when formatting documents at work, I wonder...What are we training people to do exactly??!! 

aaaaaaand...My new fav Motel.

thanks Rabbit for suggesting I follow this guy on Instagram.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week filled with peace and Love.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Inside Out: Art Extravaganza.

I suppose it's appropriate to post my Riding Hood progress first, so here it is. Haunted by the shadows I keep having to redo, but I'm feeling better about it...we shall see.

In other news...been more Soul Vomit going on. 
This first one is a collab done by me and my homegirl TahJah, aka Swirls, aka Swirly Fine, aka Sistah Swirls(nouveau Turk).
I don't know what she calls it, but I've titled it The Missing Dot.

 ...and this is how we roll...

...aaaaaand for some Solo Soul Vomit...3 pieces I did for the crib:




Last but NOT least...My favorite up-and-coming artist, Nicolas(age 7) who I love to blog about, starts 2013 with a Thrust!

Some of his latest works along with his artist's statement: 

Hope Everyone has a beautiful day today!! If you see anything BoneWorthy, hit me up. Haven't been getting out much lately as you can see...